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If you love music, you’re going to love this book. It will take you on a musical journey where you will discover one of the most amazingly original concepts in personal and professional development ever published. This book will share a marketing strategy that the music industry used for years to develop and promote recording artists. In fact, they still use this same method today. It revolves around the vinyl record which became the biggest selling product in the history of music. Deep within the grooves of these records was a blueprint for success that lured in fans and made them loyal customers. But it didn’t stop there. Unlikely songs became huge hits and overnight success stories dominated the music scene.  This book will tell the story of the B-Side record and how its role changed music history. In discovering this never-before-revealed concept, you will find amazing parallels in personal development that will change your life and career completely. If you wish to have the competitive edge in all you do, this book will be a game changer! Amazon Paperback Amazon Kindle   Order by Phone   775-885-2222

Larry Williams ROCKS the TEDx Stage!

Watch the “official” TEDx video!

TED Talks have become among the most sought-after platforms in the speaking world. Here, the best of the best are selected to share their “ideas worth spreading.”   TEDx events are regional showcases where licenses are given for an independent event that follows the strict guidelines that offer continuity to the TED brand. Getting invited to speak is not easy and is a huge honor. On June 13, 2015 Larry Williams was selected to speak at one of the premier TEDx events in the state of Colorado. Having been the only speaker of the day to receive a full TED-length 18 minutes time slot, his talk “Develop Your B-Sides” rocked the TEDx stage. This video now serves as a sneak peak to his longer 45 minute keynote presentation.
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