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Your B-Side


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Chart-Topping Success:

Your B-Side Reinvention

Larry Williams offers a powerful original strategy for self-improvement you will hear nowhere else. Each message is customized to focus on the aspects of reinvention, productivity, creativity and leadership skills that are most important to each group. Therefore, no two keynotes are ever the same.  Williams will offer an inspirational message with actionable content that attendees will be able to immediately implement to enhance their skill set. Outcomes & Takeaways Reinvention - The B-Sides message offers a fresh look at reinvention. It will offer a new perspective and focus on re-purposing seldom used ideas, passions, skills and talents for personal and professional development. Productivity - Attendees will immediately become more productive. Four action steps will be given that will establish a path and direction for ideas to quickly move forward from inception to completion. Creativity - Attendees will approach new projects like an artist develops new music. They will become fired-up at the prospect of introducing unique and original material that will become their next big hit. Leadership - Attendees will become more empowered to be team leaders and work more in concert with one another. This musical methodology will find them working more collaboratively towards a mutual goal. Keynote Description Everyone in business wants to be successful and stand out from the crowd. But sometimes that gets more and more difficult because of competition and deteriorating economic conditions. The one constant is our incredible ability to be creative and surround ourselves with amazing people. In his talk, Chart-Topping Success: Your B-Side Reinvention, Larry Williams will share an inspirational message supported by actionable content that will focus on the four cornerstones of business; colleagues, customers, community and creativity. The latter will explore an amazing methodology that is based on the universal language of music. As a former radio broadcaster, Williams storied career behind the microphone found him focusing intently on the dichotomy between the A-Side and B-Side records that changed music history. Along the way, he discovered an amazing mechanism for self-improvement. The B-Sides message is powerful and original. Attendees will walk away with a proven concept that will use the lessons of music to help discover untapped skills in life and business. The result will find you taking your second efforts out for another spin.  Click here for Testimonials.
Seminar / Breakout Improve Your Customer Service Skills Overnight Perfect for anyone in the retail, service and hospitality industries, this eye-opening presentation focuses on the minor imperfections that might be costing you business. Based on his landmark book Customer Service A to Z - Larry Williams breaks down customer service into the not often talked about elements that might be off-putting to your customers. Attendees will appreciate the common sense examples, hilarious videos and easy-to-implement techniques that will ensure great customer service every single time. From the pitfalls of anti-social media to the amazing companies that are redefining customer service - this session will establish once and for all that great customer service is the most important element that drives employee performance and sales.
Seminar / Breakout Turn Up The Volume This seminar is all about creativity and reinvention. It is perfect for anyone who is searching for a creative way to separate themselves from everyone else in their market. In this session, Larry Williams will detail the popular B-Sides concept. Just like he does in his keynote presentations, he will explore every facet of this amazingly original methodology and provide action steps for attendees to follow and implement. The second part of this seminar will find him "in the audience" interactively working with attendees to take ideas from inception-to-completion right before their eyes. Attendees will learn, brainstorm and share. The result will be a creative session that may very well change their perspective forever on the development of new concepts and ideas.
Seminar / Breakout How to get a Nordstrom Customer . . . in a Walmart World! This session will break down the Nordstrom recipe for success and give practical and compelling examples on how to attract high end customers, while still being able to appreciate and service those on the average to lower end of the budget scale. Larry Williams will unveil the B- Sides concept and draw amazing parallels that will help you increase sales and develop amazingly creative signature pieces that will set you apart from others in your marketplace. This session will offer compelling rationale for self- improvement as attendees will enjoy easy-to-implement techniques that follow the Nordstrom blueprint. This session will energize small business professionals to reach deep and re- evaluate their efforts in customer service, branding and creativity.