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The latest book from Larry Williams will take you on a musical journey where you will discover one of the most amazing never-before-revealed concepts in personal and professional development ever published. The vinyl record was the biggest selling product in the history of the music industry. This book will explore the marketing methodology behind this product and flip it (like a record) to offer amazingly valuable insight on how these lessons and principles can be applied to your personal skill set and self-improvement. This book will be a “game changer” in the truest sense of the word. If you love music, you’re going to love this book! Foreword by Patrick Henry - Afterword by Brenda Lee. Retail Price: $14.95 On Sale Now!!!  Click here to order!

Customer Service A to Z

This affordable and easy read will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about customer service. Within seconds of picking up this book, you will begin to develop a training program that addresses the imperfections that exist in your current customer service model. It speaks the language of the employee and makes a compelling case for continued self-improvement. From the simple to the flagrant, this book has it all and spells it out clearer than any other book of its kind. It is a must read for every employee, manager and business owner. Foreword by Dick Clark.       Retail Price: $14.95                     On Sale Now!!!  Click here to order! Celebrity Endorsements: This book has been endorsed by some of the best and brightest in the world of business, entertainment and politics, including: Dick Clark (entertainment legend), Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, Jay Conrad Levinson (Guerrilla Marketing expert), Shep Hyken (best-selling author and customer service expert), Colin Cowie  (television personality), Lynn Jackson & Bill Capodagli (authors of The Disney Way), and many, many more!

Available in Paperback, on Kindle or By The Case

You can order a paperback or Kindle copy of either book on You can also order directly from Larry Williams by calling the number on the Contact Page. At less than 200 pages, each of these books are a quick read and easily digestible. What’s more, each can be purchased “by the case” at incredible savings. When you think about it, most books about self-improvement are large and too expensive for case sale distribution. Not these! When purchased by the case, the unit cost is only $7 per book. This makes them perfect for gifts and distribution to colleagues, employees and friends. Ask about our case discounts in conjunction with a seminar appearance.

Rehearsal Dinner Revenue

In this DVD, Larry Williams unlocks the secrets to one of the most sought after markets in the wedding business - Rehearsal Dinners. Highly regarded as the most anticipated first family gathering of every wedding day, these informal get-togethers have long been dismissed as only a food function. Not any longer. Fun, informative and interactive Rehearsal Dinners now represent one of the fastest-growing new trends with wedding couples. This training DVD is perfect for the professional who wants to refocus their efforts on this marketable revenue stream by putting together a Rehearsal Dinner Package that is proven successful. Williams will walk you through each step of directing a ceremony rehearsal, providing tips for the bridal party during an after-dinner oration and how to wrap up the evening with two amazing game shows - including the Bride & Groom Trivia Challenge, an original game show concept created by Larry Williams. Unlock the secrets to making mid-week money from the person who pioneered the concept. Running time: 85 minutes. Retail Price: $159                  On Sale Now!!!  Click here for more information on this amazing DVD!
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2 Great Books - 1 Great DVD
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2 Great Books - 1 Great DVD