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Contact Information
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Behind every event, there is always a multitude of people who contribute their talents to make it a success. This includes; stage crews, sound and lighting techs, photographers and video operators just to name a few. I am also very grateful to my amazing voice coaches, web designers, social media advisers and various producers who are instrumental in contributing their talent so I may follow my passion to help others. Thank you all so much!     - Larry Williams

Photography Credit

Edyta Sokolowska - Exceed Photography, Las Vegas NV - 702-768-0210 Paula Leyba - Image Gallery, Reno NV - 775-348-8011 Alan Trisler - Alan Trisler Photography - 812-342-0022 Alanna Brake - Lucky Brake Limited - 970-744-5563 Jenna Dosch - Jenna Dosch Photography LLC - 702-281-8517 Videography Credit Tom Entwistle - Tom Entwistle Videography, Houston Texas - 281-851-6852


775-885-2222 775-624-2222  



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